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Welcome to Local Buzz Marketing, connecting local businesses with their target audience and driving more enquiries to them using Google Search Engines and Social Media Management. Are you ready to create a Local Buzz in your company?

online marketing cambridgeshireGet Your Business Found On Google!

Your future clients are looking online for your business using search engines such as Google. Local Buzz Marketing works with your business to make sure that people searching (your target audience) find you! Did you know that over 97% of people searching Google are actually looking for a local business? Your potential clients are trying to find you! Local Buzz Marketing offers the very best solutions for businesses looking for a long term online marketing strategy.

online marketing cambridgeshireCan You Afford To Ignore Social Media Marketing?

The simple answer to this is no! It is time to join the party! Social Media Marketing is more important now than it has ever been and should be an integral part of your online marketing campaign! Local Buzz Marketing offer a complete Social Media Management service. Worried about setting it up? No need, we do all that for you.

Market Your Business With Engaging Videos And Original Music!

We create engaging videos to help our clients gain new business. We also work with producer Matt Harvey to provide our clients with original music for the videos we create. As the internet has become the leading marketplace and promotional tool where you can project your image for potential clients, videos have become essential.  Quality videos and music can set your company apart from competitors while setting the tone for you to present products and represent your companies image.

Matt’s music has been featured on HBO, Vice, MTV, Catfish, PBS,TVP2, and he has also provided music for global companies such as Seagate, Crate & Barrel, Evolution Dome, Bright Advice, KidsHelpPhone, and also for many private wedding videos.

Can Your Potential Clients Find You On Their Smartphone?

online marketing cambridgeshire

Did you know, smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion in 2014! More time than ever is being spent on the internet via smart phones. More money is being spent via smart phones than ever! Did you know, 84% of smart phone owners use them as a second screen while watching TV. Your potential clients are trying to find you on their smart phone. Are you ready to create a Buzz in your business?


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online marketing cambridgeshire

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