The SEO-Social Media Tango (Part 2)

Last week, we said SEO and Social Media Marketing are like a pair of dancers in a tango. Both need each other in order to do the dance. But in order for them to work properly, the website must have good quality. Quality site content is to SEO/Social Media Marketing as good music is to tango. Both must be good.

Effective SEO relies on good site content. If those who write the site content are the people behind—and passionate about—the business/cause, their writing shines with confidence and authority and sincerity. Stories will be alive with examples and lessons and tips and bits and pieces that make the content engaging and authentic. They won’t find regularly writing articles a problem because they often will have something to talk about their site and the business—which is already their life.

Once people are motivated by passion and confidence, they tend to produce easy to understand, friendly content. This rubs off on site presentation: making it easy for readers to browse and navigate. Basic SEO nuts and bolts like keywords, contact addresses and numbers, names, for example, become consistent and prominent throughout. Blogs, tweets, Facebook posts and other social media presence follow suit—showing the person/people behind the site/company are actually alive and have feelings too. The site owner’s expertise and sincerity shows through.

In some ways, social media—people—are a bigger challenge than SEO. Joel Spolsky (of JoelOnSoftware) says it well: “super-algorithm companies (like Google) tend to suck when they try to build social applications.” The bigger your organization is, the harder it becomes to show a company still has a heart for people—but not impossible. Much depends on the character of the organization—from the bottom upwards. Character dictates the direction a company is going. If a company is going to the dogs, people will see through it. SEO effort and social media spin can gloss over it only for a while. No amount of housekeeping and social flitting can save a house with no solid foundation. The party doesn’t last long.

Good content plus good intent creates the solid foundation SEO and social media marketing build on. It makes a site credible. It shows the site owners are sincere. Do your stuff right and SEO and good social media marketing will pay off big time. Do them for the wrong reasons and you won’t find any credibility . . . people will shun your site. One cannot fool people all the time (although others are content to fool people most of the time)—then comes the payback.

The building up of trust, that’s the goal of SEO and Social Media Marketing—but the people behind them should first be worthy of trust.

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